How to get involved:

Welcome to the volunteer page for Youth for Peace and Dialogue Between Cultures! We rely on the support of dedicated volunteers to help us achieve our mission of fostering understanding and respect among young people from different religions and backgrounds. We welcome volunteers from all walks of life who share our commitment to peace, equality, and justice for all.

Why Become A Sponsor?

sponsoring an NGO can be a fulfilling way to support a cause, increase social impact, benefit from tax deductions, gain brand visibility, and engage employees. It can make a positive difference in the lives of those in need and provide a sense of purpose and community within your organization.

  • Volunteer for our programs and events: We regularly organize cultural exchange programs, leadership training, community service projects, and advocacy campaigns. We need volunteers to help us plan and execute these initiatives. Whether you’re interested in event planning, community outreach, or social media management, there’s a role for you.
  • Join our local chapters: Youth for Peace and Dialogue Between Cultures has local chapters in several countries around the world. These chapters provide a platform for young people to engage in intercultural dialogue and to promote peace and justice in their own communities. We welcome volunteers to help us run our local chapters.
  • Share your skills and expertise: Do you have a special skill or expertise that could benefit our organization? Whether it’s graphic design, fundraising, or grant writing, we welcome volunteers who can help us build our capacity and achieve our goals.

Contact Us About Getting Involved